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A savings service that works as hard as you do

Octopus Cash aims to take the hard work out of finding a better savings rate for your clients. It’s a one-year fixed-term savings service that works with some of the UK’s leading challenger banks to offer savers a top-tier rate, year in, year out. It’s one less thing to worry about.

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For larger client deposits, the service will spread their money across multiple banks to make sure even more of it is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). All with one short and simple application form.

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Important information

Octopus Cash is a fixed-term savings product. Your clients won’t be able to access their deposits before the end of the one-year term.

Only £85,000 of savings at each partner bank will be covered by the FSCS. If your clients currently save or choose to save with any of them in the future, money held directly at the banks will be covered ahead of money held with Octopus Cash.

We do not offer investment or tax advice, and we always recommend investors talk to a financial adviser before making investment decisions. Octopus Cash is a trading name of Octopus Institutional Deposits Limited (Company Number 10163532).