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Octopus Choice lets your business target great interest by investing – alongside us – in a portfolio of high-quality loans secured against property.

It targets a steady, inflation-beating return of 4% per year, with less volatility than the stock market.


Amount invested in Choice so far

£ 146.21M

A different way of investingHow does it workKey risksWho do we lend to?


A different way of investing

Transparent Octopus invests too Long-standing expertise Hassle free
No minimum or maximum term, no set up or withdrawal fees. We invest with you, and would lose our money first. You’ll get your initial investment back before us; and you’ll earn all your interest before we earn any. 9 years’ expertise in property lending. Although past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results, we’ve lent nearly £3 billion and lost less than 0.1%. Online platform to view and manage your investment, including interest earned.


How does it work?

  1. Choose an amount
    There’s no minimum amount and you can invest as much as you like. To get started you just need to apply.
  2. We invest your money, alongside ours, in property loans
    Our experienced property lending team spreads your money across multiple loans; never fewer than 10. We invest the first 5% of every loan. So, for a £750k loan secured against a £1m house, for example, the property would have to fall below £712.5k in value (a fall of 28.75%) before any of your capital would be lost (leaving aside legal costs).
  3. View your loans and interest earned online
    You can choose whether to reinvest the interest or pay it into your bank account.
  4. Ask to withdraw
    Withdrawal requests can be made at any time free of charge, although we can’t guarantee instant access. So far more than £6 million has been successfully withdrawn, and no investor has waited longer than a week for their money. But remember, past performance isn’t a reliable indicator of future results.


Key risks

Your money is at risk Octopus Choice isn’t protected by the FSCS Instant access isn’t guaranteed You could be affected by a downturn
Octopus Choice is not a cash savings account: your company money is invested in loans made to borrowers. We can’t guarantee investors will get all their capital back, or earn all of their interest. Peer-to-peer lending is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Your capital and interest are at risk. Withdrawing means selling your investments to other investors. We’ll try to give you access quickly, but we can’t make any guarantees. All loans made through Octopus Choice are currently secured against property – and so your investment could be affected by a material downturn in the property market.


Who do we lend to?

Your company’s money will typically be lent to property professionals who need fast and flexible lending decisions. Each and every one is thoroughly vetted by our experienced lending team.

They may use the money for a variety of reasons, for example:

  • To add to or even start building a buy-to-let portfolio
  • To diversify their funding away from one provider
  • To renovate a property, after which they’ll subsequently sell or refinance

All our loans are:

  • Asset backed: secured against property
  • Conservative: maximum ‘loan-to-value’ ratio of 76%
  • Short-term: maximum term of five years

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