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Watch the videos below to learn more about Octopus Choice. Find out how it works, why people have invested and how straightforward it is to set up and get started.

Some risks to keep in mind before you watch the videos: The value of an investment and any income from it, can fall or rise. You may not get back the full amount you put in. Peer-to-peer investments are not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Money invested through Octopus Choice is concentrated in loans backed by property and could be affected by market conditions. For the same reason, instant access to your invested capital cannot be guaranteed.

About Octopus Choice

Find out why we created Octopus Choice and how it works.

Meet Steve

Find out why Steve, one of our investors, decided to invest in Octopus Choice.

Meet Ruth

Discover what Ruth, one of our investors, likes about Octopus Choice.

How to add a client

Ready to start? Here’s how to add clients to the Octopus Choice adviser portal.

How to navigate the dashboard

We’ve built the adviser portal to be easy to use and intuitive. Take a look around in this brief tour.

How to create an ISA

It’s easy to set up the investment as an ISA too. This short video shows you how.