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We are Octopus.


We work with wealth managers, investors and institutions to invest money into areas that will help change our world for the better.

Right now, we’re building a portfolio of renewable energy assets that will help Australia lower its carbon emissions and meet its renewable energy targets. At the same time, we’re committed to delivering long-term returns for investors.

Part of the wider Octopus Group which was founded in the UK in 2000, today we have over 800 global employees and manage in excess of $15 billion for more than 60,000 private investors and institutions. We’re proud to be good at what we do.

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News and insights

Octopus’ core values to support the community

How we do business; our Sustainable Development Goals and how they reflect the internal values.

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Octopus looks to school, educating the community

It’s one thing to look after the community, it’s another step up to share our education.

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Powering the Australian renewables revolution with technology and tenacity

Australia has excellent solar and wind resources, but transporting power long distances isn’t easy.

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