Our projects

Learn more about our renewable energy investments across Australia.

Octopus Australia focuses on investing in renewable energy assets across Australia including, solar, wind and battery storage, to create an integrated portfolio of renewable assets. Our in-house Investment, Development, Engineering and Grid experts allow us to be closer to our assets and efficiently manage projects across their entire lifecycle, from land acquisition through to operation. We’re committed to making sure the farms we run and invest in maintain ties with local communities and provide more homes with clean energy.

Our operational and construction assets

Darlington Point Solar Farm

Darlington Point Solar Farm is more than just clean energy. It’s a project that has the support of the local community and has provided many jobs and economic opportunities locally.

Dulacca Wind Farm

Protection of cultural heritage and endangered species are an integral part of the construction and operation of Dulacca Wind Farm.

Our development assets

Blind Creek Solar Farm and Battery

Developing a solar and battery project in NSW with regenerative agriculture at its heart.

Fulham Solar Farm and Battery

Octopus Australia and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation are joining forces to develop a solar farm and battery that will help the Gippsland region power its transition to renewable energy.

Blackstone Battery

Queensland’s biggest battery project, providing a stand-alone battery storage asset to our pipeline.

Ardandra Solar Farm and Battery

A hybrid solar and battery project located adjacent to our existing Dulacca Wind Farm, providing an unique opportunity to introduce, solar, wind and battery to the market via the same transmission line.

Theodore Solar Farm and Battery

A hybrid solar and battery project located in central Queensland.

Giffard Wind Farm

A proposed large-scale onshore wind farm in Gippsland, Victoria.

Saltbush Wind Farm

Named after the native shrub known as Old Man Saltbush, a plant with a special connection to the Hay Plains, the area holds rich historical and cultural connections with local indigenous groups.

Merino Wind Farm

Located adjacent to our 400MW Saltbush Wind Farm currently in development, the proposed Merino Wind Farm spans across 28,000 hectares.

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