Our products

Octopus is currently fundraising two products in the Australian market, focusing on raising and deploying money into domestic renewable energy assets. Below is an overview of both fundraises.

Octopus Australia Sustainable Investments (OASIS)

Consolidating a portfolio of construction ready and operational renewable energy assets across Australia.

Available toInstitutional and wholesale investors

Octopus Early Stage Innovation Company (Octopus ESIC)

Focusing on a single renewable energy site, taking the project through construction to operation, while utilising innovative Australian technology to improve the site’s energy generation performance.

Available toWholesale investors
Minimum investment$250,000
StructurePrivate company
Target return6-8% net IRR subject to the risks of the investment
Tax benefits

– 20% non-refundable carry forward tax offset, on the initial value
of your investment. This tax offset is capped at $200,000
per tax year.
– Tax free capital gains, if shares in the company are held a
minimum of 12 months but less than 10 years.

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