Saltbush Wind Farm

Saltbush Wind Farm is a proposed 400MW wind farm development with a co-located solar farm and battery, which once operational will provide clean energy to approximately 173,000 Australian households.

Key Facts

Location: Booroorban, New South Wales (NSW), Australia.

Expected homes powered: Up to 173,000.

Expected renewable energy capacity: Up to 400MW.

Jobs created: Up to 200 construction jobs.

Saltbush Wind Farm derives its name from the native woody perennial shrub known as Old Man Saltbush. Generally associated with the drier areas of Australia, Old Man Saltbush serves as a valuable forage resource, particularly in times when other feed is scarce.

The plant has a special connection to the Hay Plains, where the region has long been informally referred to as the Saltbush Plains. This area holds a rich historical and cultural connection with local indigenous groups and has been integral to the grazing practices of farmers in the vicinity.

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