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Octopus’ core values to support the community

17 Feb 2020

Octopus Australia’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) allows the whole organisation to conduct their business in alignment with their core values to support growing communities, advance education within the industry, provide equal opportunity and of course, encourage green renewable energy sources.

That is, at Octopus Australia we not only look at how we use our resources and recycle responsibly, or how we can contribute to sharing our specialised industry knowledge with the community, but also ensuring that our proposed investments align with each of these goals. In qualifying for a potential new project, the team assesses and scores how the prospective site would fit within the SDG parameters set by the company to ensure that the projects themselves also support the same core values.

So it’s not just about how we do business, our Sustainable Development Goals also reflect the internal values of each team member across the organisation and how we carry out our everyday lives – With care and support to the community as a whole.