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Octopus looks to school, educating the community

17 Jan 2020

Students across Australia are often only taught the bare basics of renewable energy, most of which, have never personally been to a solar far site or understand the ins and outs of how they operate. In alignment with Octopus Australia’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), their dedicated team are looking to put together special curriculum for those schools surrounding the new Darlington Point project. Prospective holds for school excursions to be held at this site in endeavouring to support the green education of local communities.

Most forms of renewable energy, other than geothermal or tidal power, ultimately come from the sun. With the Octopus Group having been in the industry since 2000 and being a market leading Fund Manager across Europe for renewable energy investments, it is the company’s passion to teach upcoming generations in hope for sustainable awareness and planet wellbeing. Our mission is continuously supported by the community’s ambition for cleaner energy generation and more affordable energy sources, with solar energy speedily becoming the most efficient. This is not a new mission for the Octopus Group, having also conducted school collaborations in Aberdeenshire last year, rather an ongoing passion for what we do at Octopus Australia.