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Octopus Investments Australia can provide up to 20% tax offset

17 Jul 2019

One of Europe’s leading asset managers for renewable energy investments, Octopus Investments, has focused their efforts to the Australian market working with over 4,000 financial advisers. This specialised team, with Australian local offices based in both Melbourne and Sydney, recognise the prospect for an estimated $170 billion market input towards renewable investments over the subsequent 30 years.

It has launched a new ESIC (Octopus Early Stage Investment Company) fund with a target raise of $30 million, providing investors with ample benefits including the supporting of a greener planet, target net IRR 6-8% p.a. and major tax offsets.

Nick Maidment, Regional Sales Director of Octopus investments, says that he’s confident about changing investor values driving them promptly to renewable investments given the ageing coal fleet, desire for a sustainable world and particular highlights on the adverse effects that climate change can pose.